Multi-instrumentalist, producer, sound sculptor.

In a kind of sonic alchemy, vibrations are woven and layered with the sole intention being the release from the terrestrial self. Through the use of harmonic pulse, connection of conscience and urgency of unity are the goal. The music is immersive, and sounds within sound envelope the listener in a thick cinematic vibe.

Since childhood Patch has been making music with anything he could get his hands on, early on becoming obsessed with sound, timbre and resonance. A self taught recording engineer he has developed a unique approach to recording and manipulating audio. By continually exploring additive and subtractive synthesis, Patch is truly creating his own sound.

Patch was a founding member and driving force in the live electronica band Heavyweight Dub Champion which fused deep dub with intelligent hip-hop, crushed dance floors, and left a wake of fanatic fans and perplexed sound engineers. Every night on two soundboards Patch engineered 56 channels of music through numerous delays, filters, and fxs creating a heavy, high energy, and transcendent live show. As sonic alchemist and technical innovator he helped define what it meant to perform "Live P.A." by turning the soundboard into an instrument. H.D.C.+ has headlined and been a featured artist in major festivals, clubs, and underground gatherings throughout the U.S, Europe and Canada. They have shared billing with Amon Tobin, Tricky, Damien Marley, Steel Pulse, Marilyn Manson, Wu-Tang Clan, Sonic Youth and KRS One, to name a few.  Through live shows and with their two albums Survival Guide and Rise of the Champion Nation Patch and Heavyweight have left a permanent evolutionary mark on dub-electronica and West Coast Bass culture.

In the fall of 2008 Patch left H.D.C.+ and has since been focusing on production work, collaborations, remix projects, and studying infrasonic communication. Patch contributed to Pitch Black's 2009 remix album Rhythm, Sound and Movement by bringing in heavy bass mutations and reinventing their track "Sonic Colonic." Earlier this year Dub/Junglist guru Dr. Israel brought Patch in to tweak and remix his live show. The two have since toured the west coast and B.C. and are plotting and scheming future studio releases. A number of collaboration and solo works from Patch will reveal themselves in the coming months.

Whether its redefining Live P.A. electronica or guiding audiences into the era of surround sound performance, Patch will continually be pushing boundaries and working to unite and empower people with music.

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